Prohibited Items

Please note that delivery with Ninja Packs is not available for the items listed below.

It shall be the Sender’s responsibility to comply with the current government regulations and laws. Dangerous and prohibited items, including (but not limited to) explosives, poison, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms, fragile items, and any items which by its nature or packaging may expose any threat or cause any injury or damage are prohibited by law and will not be accepted.

Exceed Size Specification

(Ninja Pack Specific) Bulky items including (but not limited to) dumbbells, weights, packets of rice over 5kg

Exceed Size Specification

(Ninja Pack Specific) Unprotected glass items including (but not limited to) bottles and containers of any kind. Each glass item should be wrapped in bubble wrap and overpacked in a protective hard box.


Poisonous or Toxic Substances


Firearms or Swords

Religious Artifacts

Religious Artifacts

Living Plants

Living Plants

Living Things

Living Things

Human or Animal Remains

Human or Animal Remains


Cash, Cheques, Bills, Stocks and other Marketable Securities

Credit cards

Credit Cards or ATM cards


Perishables such as Vegetables, Fruits, etc

Written Drafts

Written Drafts, Original Films, Tapes and Film Material which cannot be reproduced

Examination Certificates

Examination Certificates, Passports and Insurance Documents which cannot be reproduced


Flammable, Ignitable or Volatile Items such as Fireworks, Kerosene, Gas Canisters or Paint Thinner

More information

Please note that delivery with Ninja Packs and other Ninja Van delivery services is only available if your parcel(s) strictly follow our packaging guidelines. Additionally, Ninja Van will only be able to deliver within designated serviceable areas.

For more information related to purchasing Ninja Packs on this website (payment, delivery, exchange policies, etc.), kindly refer to our Terms of service. As per our Ninja Packs Terms and Conditions, Ninja Van’s liability for any loss or damage to delivery items using Ninja Packs shall be limited to SGD 50, inclusive of the cost of the polymailer. Claims are to be submitted to Ninja Van within 30 days of order creation, or 1 week from successful delivery order. Any claims received after this period will not be recognized.