Step-By-Step Ninja Pack Guide

Get started with Ninja Packs with these easy steps


Step 1:

Purchase your Ninja Packs from our Shopee, Lazada or Ninja Pack online store. You can also find Ninja Packs at our offline stores. 
Click on the following to be directed to the selected store.

For Ninja Packs bought on online stores, you will receive your packs in 1-3 working days.


Step 2:

Pack and create your Ninja Pack Order. 
You may refer to our Ninja Dashboard guide here.


Step 3: 

Drop your parcels off at any one of our 600+ Ninja Drop-off points.


Step 4: 

Track your parcel with our tracking page, to locate where your parcel is at anywhere and time. 


Step 5:

Your parcel will be delivered to your recipient's doorstep in 1-3 working days. If it remains undelivered after 3 delivery attempts, your Ninja Pack will be sent back to your return address