Packaging Guidelines (test)

Kindly make sure to pack your valuables according to the guidelines below to maintain the condition of your items throughout the delivery process.


External Packaging 

All goods must strictly fit in the polymailer. Misuse of Ninja Packs (i.e. taping a Ninja Pack on a box) will result in penalties and/or Return to Sender.


Fragile Items 

All fragile items must be wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap (minimum of 8cm). A fragile sticker must be labelled on the Ninja Pack.

Tracking Labels 

Each Ninja Packs must have a unique tracking label. If you are required to print a new label, please make sure to paste it over the original one.


Internal Packaging 

Package should be packed tightly and snugly. If not, please fill up the empty spaces in-between (with paper, packing foam, etc.)


Ensure all pieces of clothing are neatly folded and packed to minimise crumpling or wrinkling during the delivery.

Electronic Devices

Ensure that all electronic devices are powered off, and batteries should be removed from devices if possible.


Bottles and Liquids 

When sending liquor, wine or any other bottled items, please ensure they are bubble-wrapped and packed in a plastic bag to prevent spillage.

Transport Handling 

The Ninja Pack should be able to withstand normal impact of transport handling.

For parcel with sensitive exteriors (e.g. gift boxes), please ensure they are shrink or bubble-wrapped and packed in another cardboard box.

Address Label 

To ensure smooth sort and delivery of your parcel, please make sure that your exterior, or packaging, does not have any old addresses or tracking labels.