Ninja Packs Bundle of 5


Introducing the only postage-paid polymailers you'll ever use.

Regular Ninja Packs Bundle of 5

Regular Ninja Pack

For more convenience, less plastic wastes and best prices try our best selling regular Ninja Packs! Receive your Ninja Packs within 1 to 3 working days and ship your goods islandwide without weight limit, all-you-can-fit.

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Padded Ninja Packs Bundle of 5

Padded Ninja Packs

Send your goods with Padded Ninja Packs and give them the extra cushioning they deserve. Padded Ninja Pack, with its built-in bubble wrap, allows you to send goods with protection and greater peace of mind.

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Eco Ninja Packs
Bundle of 5

Eco Ninja Packs

Send parcels with a sustainable shipping solution Eco Ninja Packs! Plant-based, 100% compostable and environmentally friendly. Includes postage-paid delivery, no weight limit and real-time tracking.

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Ninja Pack is a postage-paid polymailer that delivers straight to your recipient’s doorstep in Singapore. If you are a small business owner looking for a courier service to send goods to your customers, search no more, Ninja Packs has been tailored for you! Ship your goods islandwide without weight limit, all-you-can-fit from only $3.20 : this is simply the best value in town! Each Ninja Pack comes with Ninja Van's proprietary real-time tracking technology that allows you to know exactly where your parcel is, anywhere, anytime. For more convenience, you can now drop-off your Ninja Packs at any of our 1,000+ drop-off locations islandwide. Grow your e-commerce business and partner with a reliable and efficient logistics company today!

There’s a Ninja Pack for your every shipping need! Choose from our Regular, Padded or Eco range. Our postage-paid polymailers Ninja Packs are available in Bundles of 5 and Bundles of 20 for all ranges in all sizes - XS, S and M.!

More information

Please note that delivery with Ninja Packs and other Ninja Van delivery services is only available if your parcel(s) strictly follow our packaging guidelines. Additionally, Ninja Van will only be able to deliver within designated serviceable areas.

For more information related to purchasing Ninja Packs on this website (payment, delivery, exchange policies, etc.), kindly refer to our Terms of service. As per our Ninja Packs Terms and Conditions, Ninja Van’s liability for any loss or damage to delivery items using Ninja Packs shall be limited to SGD 50, inclusive of the cost of the polymailer. Claims are to be submitted to Ninja Van within 30 days of order creation, or 1 week from successful delivery order. Any claims received after this period will not be recognized.