Getting Started

Getting started with Ninja Packs


1. What is a Ninja Pack?

Ninja Pack is our very own Ninja Van mailing bag. It is a postage-paid polymailer for you to ship your goods islandwide without weight limit from only $3.20. You may drop off your parcels with our 600+ drop-off points.


2. Why choose Ninja Packs?

By purchasing Ninja Packs, you are able to enjoy an all-in-one pre-paid delivery service. 

3. Where can I purchase a Ninja Pack?

Ninja packs can be found on our Shopee and Lazada Store, as well as our website (under the Shop Now) page, as well as various Ninja Points. 



4. How do I use a Ninja Pack?

Ninja Packs are easy and convenient to use. Ninja Packs prices are affordable too. From only $3.20, you can now get your parcel delivered to your recipient's doorstep in 1-3 working days.