Creating an Order

Ninja Dashboard

Important: All Ninja Packs MUST have an order created on Ninja Dashboard before any deliveries can be made. Kindly create an order on our dashboard before dropping your parcel off at our drop-off points.

Writing recipient’s details on the Ninja Pack is NOT COMPULSORY  but can be used for the ease of you and your recipient’s reference only.

 Sign up for a Lite Account to start using the Ninja Dashboard.


 STEP 1 Sign up for a Lite Account on our Ninja Dashboard or log in to your account if you are an existing user.

Select "Create Order" or "New Order". 

Select "Create a Ninja Pack Order"


Insert your return address.

(Note: This address will be used to ship your undelivered parcel back to you (in the event of 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts). Please make sure the information provided is accurate or we will not be liable for any lost or unaccounted parcels.

Save & Continue

STEP 4 If you choose to type orders via keyboard :
    • Key in your recipient's information.
    • Mandatory fields : Ninja Pack ID (printed on your Ninja Packs), Customer Name, Customer Contact, Customer Address and Postcode. If necessary, include Cash On Delivery, Customer email and Delivery instructions. If you have several parcels to ship, you will need to create an order each one of them. Click on "+ Add Another" to create a new order.

Save & Continue.

For "Upload a file" option, refer below.

    STEP 5 Once you have reviewed and confirmed all your order details, click "Confirm".


    Upload a File

    Upload a file is for those with plenty of Ninja Pack orders and prefer to upload them all at once.

    If it is your first time uploading a file, we highly recommend that you download our template (either .CSV or Excel), and fill it in with your recipients' information. To keep the bulk upload process simple, we highly recommend that you keep the column headers as they are in the template.

     STEP 4

    Select "Upload a file"

    Download File template and fill CSV/ excel file accordingly. Save and upload the file.

    In the sample template, fill up the columns with your recipient's details but take note that some columns are compulsory and cannot be removed
    Ninja Pack ID
    Recipient's name
    Phone number
    Address 1
    The rest of the columns are optional and it is for your reference purpose only


    Tip: Add an apostrophe before the digit zero for postal codes which begin with zero to avoid order creation errors after bulk upload e.g Input ’012345 instead of 012345

    STEP 5

    Select "+ Create new template"

    Edit your mapping and ensure it is correct before saving\

    Save & Continue

    STEP 6 Once you have reviewed and confirmed all your order details, click "Confirm"


    Once order is created, you can then drop your parcel off at our Ninja Drop-Off Points.